‘Happy Endings’ Boss Talks Possibility Of A Revival

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Happy Endings may have said farewell back in 2013, but it looks like there may be hope for a second life for the series.

Since ABC pulled the plug on the show after three seasons, fans have been rallying for a revival and according to The Hollywood Reporter, showrunners aren’t ruling it out as a possibility.

“If someone would actually let us do it the real way, then everyone would want to do it,” revealed series creator David Caspe during Vulture Festival in New York City on Sunday.

Though Caspe said he’d even be open to doing a Happy Endings movie, Damon Wayans Jr. and Zachary Knighton both agreed that they’d be more interested in doing a series.

Now that the entire Happy Endings family has gone on the record as saying they’re game for a reboot, we’re really hoping the series gets picked up by another network or streaming service. Regardless of whether or not that happens though, it’s clear that the cast is grateful for the fans who still have so much love for the show.

“The legacy is more important for me than what happens to the show,” revealed actor Adam Pally. “I hope there is another chance to do this and if it’s the show this is great. I would just love to be around these people more.”

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