EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Vanessa Hudgens Is Really Excited About Playing An Adult For The First Time In NBC’s ‘Powerless’

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NBC’s Powerless marks Vanessa Hudgens’ big return to television and for the first time, fans of the actress will see her play a character she’s never played before: an adult.

When we caught up with the actress at NBC Universal’s Upfronts in New York city earlier this month, Hudgens said the idea of playing a proper adult for the first time in her life is an exciting venture.

“My character is kind of feisty— she’s trying to find her own voice— she’s a grown up,” Hudgens told People’s Choice. “She’s like an adult with her own cubicle, which is something I’ve never played before so that’s exciting.”

Despite the fact that the upcoming series is based in the DC Comics world, Hudgens points out that unlike other superhero shows, this one will focus on the every man and how they deal with the aftermaths of someone with super powers coming in to save the day.


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For her part, Hudgens is excited about the series because she said it’s a chance for everyone to explore a different aspect of the age-old superhero story.

“Superheroes are so glamorized and looked up to and it’s always about them but this show isn’t about them— its about people who live in that world and how they deal with it because it’s really chaotic and hectic,” said the actress.

Aside from Hudgens’ feisty Vivien, the actress will also be sharing the small screen with Community alum Danny Pudi, who plays the office’s resident social butterfly, and Firefly's Alan Tudyk.

Tudyk is set to play the series’ resident villain, someone the actor describes as the company's “bad boss.”

“Since it’s in the world of superheroes, like my hero is Lex Luthor,” explained Tudyk. “That’s my managing style. There was a really good manager before me, but he died from a piece of a building falling on him from the Supers.”


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It sounds as though Powerless is gearing up to be a good time all on it’s own, but considering Hudgens’ background as a singer and a dancer, we couldn’t resist asking the cast whether or not the show might incorporate a musical element somewhere down the line. Find out what they had to say in regards to that above!

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