Your Favorite Book Series Growing Up Is Finally Getting The Movie Treatment It Deserves

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The Boxcar Children is officially the latest classic children’s book series set to get the movie adaptation treatment!

Deadline reports that Shout! Factor and Legacy Classics have officially partnered together in order to bring a series of family movies based on both classic and contemporary children’s books series to life. The first series set to be adapted is author Gertrude Chandler Warner’s tale of four orphaned children who create a life for themselves living in an abandoned boxcar in the forest.

Though this won’t be the first time the Boxcar Children has been spun for the screen (an animated version featuring J.K. Simmons was released in 2014, and is currently on Netflix), it certainly sounds like it’ll be the most extensive adaptation.

The companies plan to work together to bring three animated features based off of several of Warner’s Boxcar Children series to life. With three movies in the works, it sounds as though we’ll be getting quite a good look at Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny’s adventures as they go from living in the woods to living with their long lost grandfather.

According to Deadline’s report, the plan is for Shout! Factory and Legacy Classics to peg the release of the first Boxcar Children movie around the 75th anniversary of the first of Warner’s books in the beloved series. Warner published her first Boxcar book in 1942, which means we should be seeing the first of Shout! and Legacy’s animated adaptations sometime in 2017.

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