Sam Claflin Says He Was Very Emotional While Filming ‘Me Before You’

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The trailer for Me Before You may have filmgoers reaching for the tissues, but they’re not the only one ones getting emotional. In fact, as tearjerking as the finished product is, actor Sam Claflin recently revealed that the film was just as emotional to make.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor, who plays Will Traynor in the film, opened up about what it took to bring the heart-wrenching book to life on the big screen.

“I think playing Will was undoubtedly probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in my life,” revealed Claflin. “I honestly was an emotional wreck pretty much the entirety of the film.”

One look at the trailer is all it takes to understand why the journey was so poignant for Claflin. In the film, the former Hunger Games star plays an adventurous businessman whose life changes forever after an accident leaves him paralyzed. Will has all but given up on living, until Emilia Clarke’s bubbly Louisa comes bumbling into his world and breaths new life into it.

But despite the rollercoaster of emotions that comes along with Will and Louisa’s story, Claflin promises that it wasn’t all doom and gloom on set. According to the actor, he Clarke shared a lot of lighthearted moments throughout the course of filming— especially when it came down to filming the scenes in which their characters are supposed to hate each other.

Check out what else Sam Claflin had to say about filming Me Before You below:

Me Before You opens in theaters on June 3.

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