6 Surprising Facts About The ‘Power Rangers’

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As kids, few things were probably more exciting than hearing the catchphrase, “It’s morphin’ time!” The call signaled it was time for five regular teens to transform themselves into karate kicking, robot wielding superheroes.

The Power Rangers have been battling the forces of evil for over two decades now and soon, our favorite teenagers with attitude are set to take the fight to the big screen.

With a brand-new Power Rangers movie set to premiere this summer, we thought it was high time we all brushed up on some mighty morphin’ facts every fan should know!

1. Since they first appeared, there have been almost 20 different incarnations of the Power Rangers
The original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers may have premiered in 1993, but the franchise has come a long way in the past few decades. Since their debut, the rangers have gone through almost 20 transformations. The latest series, Power Rangers Ninja Steel, is currently in development and is expected to premiere in the 2017-2018 season.

2. Jason David Frank holds the record for appearing in the most episodes
Kids of the ’90s will undoubtedly know Frank as Tommy, the Green Ranger, but as it turns out, the actor holds a very big record when it comes to the Power Rangers. Since he was first introduced, Frank has appeared in over 200 episodes, making him the actor that has appeared in the most Rangers episodes ever.

3. The series was inspired by a Japanese series called Super Setai
In fact, a lot of the battle footage you probably remember from your days watching the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was taken from the Japanese program.

4. Bryan Cranston made a few appearance on the series but you probably won’t remember seeing him.
That’s because the actor merely lent his voice to two of Rita’s evil villains sent to earth in an attempt to defeat the rangers. Lucky for us, you can check out Cranston’s voiceover work here.

5. The Power Rangers were inspired by Spider-Man.
But probably no the Spider-Man you’re thinking of! The Rangers were in fact inspired by a Japanese take on Spider-Man which was released in the ’70s. This version of the web-slinging superhero had one arch nemesis who’s name was “Professor Monster.” Similar to Rita Repulsa, he would create villains who would then grow to gargantuan sizes, forcing Spidey to use his giant, sword-wielding robot named Leopardon.

6. There’s a reason why the yellow ranger doesn’t wear a skirt.
Mystery solved! It turns out, the reason why she doesn’t wear a skirt as part of her costume is because in the Japanese version, the Yellow Ranger is a man. As we already mentioned, Power Rangers looked to the Japanese series, Super Sentai for their battle sequences. Because of this, whenever we see the yellow ranger in costume, she’s not wearing a skirt like the Pink Ranger is.


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