‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ Gives Fans First Look At Ron And Hermione’s Happy Family

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Yesterday, Harry Potter fans got their first look at Ginny, Harry and their youngest son Albus Severus and now, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is giving us a look at what the Granger-Weasley clan looks like all grown up!

The adorable family portrait, which was revealed early Wednesday (June 1) morning via the play’s official Twitter, features a grown up Ron Weasley (Paul Thronley), everyone’s favorite cleverest witch, Hermione Granger (Noma Dumezweni) and their daughter Rose Granger-Weasley (Cherrelle Skeete). All in all, they make for quite a happy looking family, although it won’t really feel complete until we get a glimpse of little Hugo!

Unlike Albus, Rose seems to be sporting her Hogwarts robes. If you take a good look at her cardigan, you’ll be able to see a stripe of yellow which is leading many to wonder if perhaps Rose is a Hufflepuff. Then again, it could very well be a trick of the light but is that a hint of a red stripe we see hugging the yellow? If so, perhaps Rose has carried on the family tradition of being sorted into Gryffindor after all.

In an exclusive interview with author J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore, Skeete gave fans a bit of an insight as to what Rose is like and it sounds as though she definitely takes after mom!

“Rose is ambitious, obviously her mum is Hermione so she;s got a lot to live up to,” said Skeete. “I think they’re quite similar in the fact that they put a lot of pressure on themselves. And she just wants to do the right thing.”

Meanwhile, Rowling herself chimed in, confirming that fans will find a lot of similarities between Rose and Hermione.

“Rose is like her mother, but more secure, more grounded,” explained Rowling. “She was born to wizards and knows her place in the world. Cherelle plays her perfectly: bossy but deeply lovable.”

According to Pottermore, we’ll be getting two more portraits of characters from the upcoming Cursed Child play tomorrow. We’re crossing our fingers that this means we’ll be seeing an older Draco Malfoy and his son, Scorpius, who’s also set to be starting Hogwarts at the same time as Rose and Albus.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child opens for previews in London’s West End on June 7. Alternatively, the script-book version of the play is on sale July 31.

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