The Sisters Who Starred In Disney Channel’s ‘Read It And Weep’ Are In Very Different Places Today

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As far as Disney Channel Original Movies go, Read It And Weep is definitely up there among our favorites. After all, who could forget the story of shy high schooler Jamie Bartlett (Kay Panabaker) whose world is turned upside down when her alter ego Is (Danielle Panabaker) suddenly leaps off the pages of her journal and comes to life?

It’s been nearly 10 years since the DCOM first aired on the Disney Channel back in July of 2006, and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering what happened to the Panabaker sisters.

As it turns out, you won’t have to look very far to see what Danielle Panabaker is up to! These days, she spends her time helping Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) save Central City every week as the brainy Dr. Caitlin Snow on The CW’s The Flash. Take a look at a still of her from the show below:



Danielle may have stuck with acting over the years but little sister Kay has gone a completely different route. The former child star ditched a career in front of the camera to become a zookeeper at Disney World. Judging from Instagram posts about her job, it’s clear that despite going in a completely different direction than her sister, Kay is very happy with where life has lead her.

“Even when my face is dripping everywhere, I can’t help but smile at how fortunate I am to be so happy at work,” wrote Kay in the caption of a photo she posted around the holidays.

And if the adventures she has off the clock with her co-workers are anything to go by, it definitely looks as though being a zookeeper is a pretty fun gig!

“Perks of being a zookeeper at Disney? Doing trivia night after hours at the parks with my awesome coworkers :)” wrote Panabaker in another fun shot.

As for why she chose to leave acting behind, Kay revealed to People’s Choice via  Twitter that she just fell out of love with it.

“I just lost the love of acting. Life is short, we spend so much time at work, gotta do what you love 🙂 and I love my job!!” tweeted Kay in response to a question from our team.

We can’t argue with her there — doing what you love is definitely the best way to live a life full of happiness and it sounds as though that’s exactly what both Panabaker sisters are doing these days!

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