Kanye West Will Make Up Canceled NYC Performance, Promises Kim Kardashian

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After not one but two of Kanye West’s performances were canceled last night, Kim Kardashian promises that her husband will make it up to his fans.

Thanks to a severe weather warning, 2016 Governors Ball Music Fest decided to cancel all performances on Sunday (May 5), including that of headliner Kanye West. Undeterred, the performer tried to cobble together a surprise 2 a.m. pop up show at NYC’s Webster Hall. Word spread so quickly regarding West’s attempted spontaneous performance that an estimated 4,000 people showed up outside the venue, resulting in yet another cancellation due to safety concerns.

Wanting to appease the passionate Kanye fan base, Kim Kardashian took to social media to not only explain the situation but to also promise fans that her husband will make up the canceled pop up show.

“Last night was crazy! Kanye wished he could have performed last night,” Kardashian wrote in a series of tweets. “He really tried so hard but it was ultimately out of his control! He has the best fans in the whole world! Thank you all for coming out at 2am. Promise he will make up this pop up show.”

(H/T Bustle)

Be sure to keep an eye on on Kanye and Kim’s Twitter accounts for future announcements regarding potential pop up shows!

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