EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: ‘iZombie’ Star Rose McIver Reveals The Moment That Made Her Squeamish On Set

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If there’s one characteristic the stars of The CW’s iZombie must all have in common, it’s a strong stomach.

The series revolves around the “life” of Liv Moore (Rose McIver), a zombie who works as a coroner’s assistant and helps out with homicide cases. Needless to say, McIver’s on-set life is full of fake blood, as well as cooked-to-perfection fake brains. Yet when People’s Choice asked the New Zealand actress at The CW Upfronts in May which scene most grossed her out, it took her a second to come up with the right, gore-worthy moment.

While she seems to be okay with most of the blood and brains on set, McIver revealed there’s one scene in particular that made her squeamish.

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“There was one time last season, it was somebody who had been opened up from here to — just the skin all peeled back," McIver said. "It was just like the digestive track and everything, so convincingly made. I was a bit squeamish that day.”

We don't blame her!

(With additional reporting by Josh Sorokach)

Did this scene from iZombie make you a little squeamish? Did another scene make you close your eyes? Let us know in the comments below!

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