EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Josh Henderson Knows Exactly Where His ‘Step Up’ Character Would Be Today

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Step Up may have been full of lovable characters, but if there’s one that always managed to get under our skin it was Nora’s (Jenna Dewan Tatum) self-centered boyfriend, Brett Dolan (Josh Henderson).

Brett may have had a silky smooth voice, but we’ve never quite forgiven him for throwing Miles (Mario) under the bus and taking that record deal without him. So did Brett end up getting the fame he was so desperately after? Since the movie didn’t show us his fate years down the line, People’s Choice went straight to the source to get the answer. At the NBCU Upfronts in May, we asked Henderson to predict where he thinks his former Step Up character would be today. Turns out, Henderson doesn’t have the greatest opinion of Brett either.


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“He wasn’t that nice of a guy,” Henderson told People’s Choice when we caught up with him. “So, I would say he had a record deal, blew it because of his personality and is now working at Kinko’s.”

In other words, Brett totally got what was coming to him — at least if Henderson’s cannon is anything to go boy!

Up next, fans can catch Henderson starring opposite Alias alum Michael Vartan on E!’s upcoming scripted drama, The Arrangement. According to an article announcing the series in Variety, the show promises to deliver “a classic fairy tale love story” with a “sinister twist.”

(With additional reporting by Josh Sorokach)

The Arrangement premieres on E! in 2017

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