Here’s Why ‘Hunger Games’ Star Alexander Ludwig Is Glad He Didn’t End Up Playing Peeta

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Josh Hutcherson may have been the perfect Peeta but it turns out, he had some pretty stiff competition when it came to landing the role in the form of fellow Hunger Games co-star, Alexander Ludwig.

Though Ludwig was up for the part, he wound up playing the cutthroat Cato instead, and in a new interview with ET Online, the actor revealed that he’s really happy things turned out the way they did.

According to Ludwig, he made it to the final three in the audition process for Peeta before director Gary Ross suggested he take on the role of the District 2 Career.

“We met with [director] Gary [Ross] and he gave me this script for Cato and he’s like, ‘Would you want to read this?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah! I’d love to play the bad guy, that would be so fun,” Ludwig told ET Online.

Ludwig went on to say that he immediately fell in love with the part as soon as he read the script and felt as though it was “just perfect!”

Up next, fans can catch Ludwig starring opposite Julia Stiles and Sir Anthony Hopkins in Blackway. The thriller tells the story of a young woman who suddenly finds herself being stalked by a former cop who is now a crime lord.

Blackway hits theaters June 10

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