MTV Is Finally Bringing Back This Fan Favorite Series

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After an eight month hiatus, a revamped Wild ‘N Out moves from MTV 2 back to MTV when the long-running series returns for season 8.

The latest iteration of MTV’s unpredictable sketch comedy meets rap battle meets improv series will feature its guests going head-to-head over the hottest headlines of the day. Created and hosted by Nick Cannon, the series, which debuted back in 2005, helped give young comedians like Kevin Hart, who famously appeared in numerous episodes back in 2007 — a venue to showcase their comedic talent

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cannon previewed what fans can expect from the forthcoming season, which includes an appearance from Iggy Azalea.

“You know what? It’s a show that’s been around for over a decade. We’ve had over 100 episodes; we did some amazing things, some really cool things,” Cannon told Entertainment Weekly. “We’ve got bigger talent; we got more fun; and it’s really just diving into everything that people are scared to talk about.”

Some of the talent Cannon alluded to includes the performer Tyga, who will engage in a “no holds barred” roast with Cannon in an upcoming episode.

“They come on the show and they let it all out,” Cannon continued. “From Tyga to Iggy Azalea to Scott Disick. All the people we’ve had on this show are just having the best time, but they’re in rare form.”


(H/T Entertainment Weekly)

The season eight premiere of Wild ‘N Out premieres August 4 at 10:00 p.m. on MTV.

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