The ‘O.C’ Creator Reveals The Real Reason Why Marissa Cooper Had To Go

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California, here we come! Austin’s annual ATX TV Festival hosted a reunion pale for The O.C. were we got some great insight into one of our favorite dramas of the early 2000s.

Series creator Josh Schwartz was on hand to field questions about the iconic series which followed the lives of Seth (Adam Brody), Summer (Rachel Bilson), Ryan (Ben McKenzie) and Marissa (Mischa Barton). In perhaps one of the most interesting parts of the panel, Schwartz was asked where he thinks one of our favorite O.C. couples are now.

According to Deadline, instead of giving a direct response, the showrunner turned the question back to the fans. Despite the fact that the series finale features Seth and Summer tying the knot, Schwartz insists that the fate of the couple and where they might be today is ultimately meant to be left to fan interpretation.

Schwartz also discussed killing off Marissa during season 3 — a decision the creator says he and executive producer Stephanie Savage still talk about to this day.

“There was a lot of factors involved and it was something we really wrestled with,” said Schwartz of Marissa’s sudden death. “There were reasons both creatively and in terms of just the show itself and where we were at the moment with the network. There were a lot of reasons [for the death], both creative and cynical.”

Despite the fact that it’s been over a decade since The OC ruled the airwaves, the series’ reunion panel at ATX is proof that there’s still a lot of love for the drama even after all these years!

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