EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Here’s Why ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Star Caity Lotz May Not Show Up On ‘Arrow’ Next Season

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It’s been quite a journey for Legends of Tomorrow star Caity Lotz. From her early days on Team Arrow to her current role on Legends, Lotz has been a villain-thwarting fixture on The CW. As the superheroes of the small screen prepare for the eagerly anticipated four-show crossover event, we can’t help but wonder if a return to Starling City is in the near future for Sara Lance.

During the CW Upfronts in May, we asked Lotz her thoughts about a potential guest appearance on Arrow. While a number of practical production issues would make Lotz’s return difficult to schedule, the actress is hopeful that she hasn’t made her last appearance on the superhero series.


"I really hope [to return] next season, but it's hard since both worlds are happening at the same time," Lotz told People's Choice. "It's not like I can be on the ship, on the Waverider, and be in Arrow at the same time. So, I don't know. I'd have to leave this one to go on to that one. But I miss my Arrow people, so I definitely hope that happens."

Even if Lotz can't appear on Arrow, the actress is hoping her television sister, the recently deceased Laurel Lance/ Black Canary, could potentially appear on Legends.

"I love Katie; she's my TV sister, so I want more of her," Lotz told us. "There's definitely potential, so I don't think we've seen the last of her."

One place you can definitely catch Caity is on DC's Legends of Tomorrow when it returns this fall on The CW.