FOX Unveils Fall Premiere Dates, ‘Orphan Black’ Is Ending, And More

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Roll into the weekend with news of a Wicked movie coming soon, news about Orphan Black’s fate, and images from the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. FOX has announced all of their fall premiere dates. Find out now which of your favorite shows is probably going to get bumped for baseball! [TVLine]

2. A Wicked film adaptation is set for 2019. Looks like Universal is trying to defy gravity at the box office. []

3. The first trailer for Storks was released. No sane person should want a bird voiced by Andy Samberg delivering their baby. [/Film]

4. Orphan Black will end after next season. One season for every “central” clone seems right. [The Verge]

5. The new Ghostbusters cast is having a great time on this month’s Entertainment Weekly cover. Who ya gonna call? Awesome ladies! [Entertainment Weekly]

6. Get ready for the BastardBowl with images from this weekend’s Game of Thrones episode. Two bastards enter. One (or none?) leaves. [ComicBookMovie]

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