John Green Reveals Why There Hasn’t Been A ‘Looking For Alaska’ Movie Adaptation Yet

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Fans waiting for John Green’s 2005 YA novel Looking for Alaska to be adapted into a movie like The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns may be out of luck.

After a recent meme of a hypothetical Looking for Alaska movie poster fueled speculation about a potential movie, Green took to social media to explain why fans shouldn’t expect an adaptation to hit theaters anytime soon.

“I have no control over the movie rights to Looking for Alaska,” the author wrote on Twitter. “To my knowledge, Paramount (who own the rights) have no plans to make a film. I sold the rights in 2005. Paramount refuses to sell them back to me for any price. You’d have to ask them why.”

Green’s debut book, Looking for Alaska follows Miles “Pudge” Halter, a new student at a prestigious Alabama prep school in search of his own “Great Perhaps.”

A script for a potential Looking for Alaska film was actually written by The O.C.’s Josh Schwartz, but according to a 2012 Tumblr post written by Green, it got stuck in development. In the same post, written before The Fault in Our Stars became a box office success, the author admitted that he’d be okay if Looking for Alaska was never adapted into a film.

“That said, if they ever do make it, I think it could be quite a good film, and I’d be totally excited,” Green wrote. “But I’m not waiting patiently by the phone or anything.”

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