‘Lemonade’ Singer Adam Friedman Reveals What Sets His Single Apart From Beyoncé’s Visual Album

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Make room, Beyoncé — there’s a new artist making “Lemonade.”

Last week, singer-songwriter Adam Friedman debuted, “Lemonade,” a guitar accompanied, mellow pop song that already seems poised for chart success. Friedman stopped by People’s Choice HQ on Monday to talk about the track, and how he reacted when Bey dropped a visual album with the same name.

“I love making pop records and I also love making John Mayer/Eric Clapton type records,” said Friedman, who co-wrote ‘Lemonade’ with Mike Posner. “‘Lemonade’ falls on the pop-ier side. ‘Lemonade’ is kind of like a chill, more kick-back, easy song to digest.”

Originally intended for Posner’s album, Friedman said the duo came up with the track nearly a year ago when they were collaborating on new music.

“I remember we were working on one of his songs and we took a break and I had my guitar and I just started playing these chords, and I kind of hummed a melody, and 25-30 minutes later we had a song pretty much,” said Friedman.

When Posner decided not to feature the single on his album, Friedman jumped in, personalizing the song by tweaking certain lyrics (for instance, Friedman, who lives on the West Coast, changed “Carolina” to “California”).

Lemonade, of course, took on an entirely new meaning in April when Beyoncé dropped her highly lauded, dramatic visual album of the same name.

“I remember [Max Snow, label rep], he goes, ‘Dude, you’re not going to believe this.’ He called me and he was like, ‘Yeah, Beyoncé has a project Lemonade.’ We didn’t know if it was a song, a record, or one of her movies,” said Friedman. “Luckily, it wasn’t a song. She doesn’t have a song named ‘Lemonade,’ but the album is Lemonade. For her, there is a symbolic meaning to that and it made sense. But it ended up working fine. My version is like, there’s no huge meaning to it. It’s just a simple, fun song, so it differentiates itself enough from Beyoncé’s.”

In fact, Friedman thinks its a good thing Beyoncé’s Lemonade coincided with his own release.

“It’s actually kind of nice because Lemonade was trending on Twitter,” said Friedman about Bey’s impact. “If one person discovered [my version of “Lemonade”] because they were looking for Lemonade by Beyoncé, and they happened to stumble upon it, I think that’s a win for us.”

Next up, Friedman is focusing on his debut album, which he’s hoping to release in September. Fans, however, won’t need to wait until then to see him perform. Friedman will be making his first national televised appearance on The Today Show this Wednesday (June 22). He’ll also be taking over the official @peopleschoice Instagram account on Wednesday to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at his big TV debut. In other words, if you’re not already following @peopleschoice, now is the time to do it!

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