An ‘Arrow’ Star Is Returning To The Series — But With A Twist

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A new vigilante is about to join the fight to save Starling City!

Troubled teen Evelyn Sharp, who fans will remember attempted to assume the identity of Black Canary last season, is returning to Arrow — this time, as a masked archer who goes by the moniker Artemis. Variety reports that actress Madison McLaughlin will be reprising her role as Sharp for multiple appearances, beginning with the second episode of the season.

The character was last seen during the fourth season episode “Canary Cry,” in which she impersonated the Black Canary in a plot to seek revenge for the murder of her parents. Her attempt was thwarted by the Green Arrow, who offered her some poignant words of wisdom on heroism.

Historically, the character of Artemis has dabbled in both vigilante justice and villainous behavior. points out that in the comics, Sharp’s alter ego was the daughter of villains, as well as a member of the Injustice Society, but the character became the Green Arrow’s sidekick in the DC animated series Young Justice.

McLaughlin joins actors Rick Gonzalez and Josh Segarra, who will also appear in the upcoming season as DC Comics characters Wild Dog and Vigilante, respectively.

The fifth season of Arrow premieres Wednesday, October 5 on The CW.

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