‘Harry Potter’ Author J.K. Rowling Reveals Brand-New Sorting Quiz For American Wizarding School

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You may know your Hogwarts house, but do you know where your loyalties would lie at the American wizard school, Ilvermorny? J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore website has just launched a brand-new sorting quiz that’ll help you find out whether you belong in Thunderbird, Horned Serpant, Wampus, or Pukwudgie!

Earlier this year, Pottermore shed some light on wizarding schools across the world and now, we’re finally getting some more information on how Ilvermorny came to be, and where the inspiration for its four distinct house came from. Pottermore also released a teaser trailer for Rowling’s new writing that’s bound to get you pumped up to learn more about Hogwarts’ American counterpart:



According to Rowling’s writing, Ilvermorny was founded by Isolt Sayre, an Irish pure-blood wizard who fled to America on the Mayflower, and her husband, James Steward, who happens to be a No-Maj. The inspiration for the school stemmed from what Isolt (who also happens to be a distant relative of Salazar Slytherin) knew of Hogwarts from the tales her cruel aunt Gormlaith told her. And if you’re wondering where Ilvermorny got its name, it turns out, Isolt named it after the cottage in which she was born.

As for the four houses, they’re all named after American magical creatures, and, according to Ilvermorny lore, they’re meant to represent the whole body of a witch or wizard when they all come together.

The Horned Serpent is a great horned river serpent with a jewel set into its forehead and represents the mind, the Wampus is a panther-like creature that is almost impossible to kill and represents the body, the Pukwudgie is a short, grey-faced, large-eared creature who represents the heart, and finally, the Thunderbird is a creature who creates firestorms as it files and is meant to represent the soul.

Just like Hogwarts houses, there are a few personality traits that are favored more than others in each individual Ilvermorny house. Horned Serpents, like Ravenclaws, favor scholars, meanwhile, similarly to Gryffindor, Wampus favors warriors. Finally, Pukwudgie favors healers, while Thunderbirds like adventures.

Have you been sorted into your Ilvermorny house yet? Let us know what you got in the comments below!

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