J.K. Rowling Sets The Record Straight About Whether Ilvermorny’s Houses Are Connected To Hogwarts

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J.K. Rowling launched a sorting quiz for the American wizarding school Ilvermorny on Tuesday (June 28) and it didn’t take long before Potter fans everywhere began to compare their Pukwudgies with their Hufflepuffs. But if you’re one of many looking for correlations between the American school’s houses and those of Hogwarts, the author says you’re wasting your time.

Rowling took to Twitter on Wednesday (June 28) to let fans know that despite the fact that there may be some overlap in desired personality traits, there’s no direct connection between the houses at Ilvermorny and the houses at Hogwarts.


“There is no equivalence between Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses, but don’t diss Hufflepuff!” tweeted Rowling when a fan wrote and asked if Wampus was the American equivenalt to a Hufflepuff.

Though Rowling has now set the record straight, it’s easy to see why Potter heads were quick to compare the new American houses with the ones they’ve been loyal to for years at Hogwarts. One look at the description for each will show there is definitely some overlap in desirable traits.

Specifically, the Wampus house is said to favor warriors and because warriors tend to be brave, it’d be easy to assume that they’d be very similar to Gryffindors, who puts high stock in bravery. Similarly, both the Horned Serpent and Ravenclaw value scholarly students.

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