Emma Watson’s Reaction To Her Phone Going Off During An Interview Is Completely Endearing

(Photo by Isa Foltin/WireImage)
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Emma Watson may have suffered an embarrassing moment during a recent interview, but it’s clear the Harry Potter alum is the epitome of grace under pressure!

Like many of us have done once or twice, the actress forgot to silence her cell phone when going into a very important meeting— one that happened to be an on-tape interview with ITV!

Watson was in the midst of discussing her latest film, Colonia when the incident occurred. Right in the middle of explaining what it was like filming in Chile, Watson got an unexpected phone call. And because her phone was right there on the table beside her, we all got a good listen as to what Watson’s ringtone of choice is. It turns out she’s a huge fan of “Steamy Windows” by the legendary Tina Turner!

“That is so embarrassing,” said Watson as soon as her phone went off. “That is my phone. That is Tina Turner.”

After ITV interviewer Mark Heyes laughed it off and told Watson he thought she had the best ringtone ever. Watson may have blushed a bit in  embarrassment over the whole ordeal, but it’s clear she recovered quickly after all was said and done!

“Well, I’m glad that I’m forgiven because it was Tina Turner otherwise that would have been terrible,” quipped the actress.

As much as we look up to Emma Watson for her poise and talent, it’s nice to know that in some regards, she’s just like the rest of us!

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