‘The Magicians’ Cast Opens Up About All Those ‘Harry Potter’ Comparisons (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Since its debut last year, many have dubbed Syfy’s The Magicians an “adult Harry Potter,” and it’s not hard to see why fans would make that comparison.

Like Potter, the series features a group of students who are admitted into a secret academy in order to hone their magical skills. When we caught up with the cast of the hit fantasy series at this year’s NBC Universal Upfronts, however, they revealed that that’s pretty much all the two stories have in common.

“It’s a fair comparison in that these are people who learn about magic, and then go to magic school,” actor Jason Ralph told People’s Choice. “I think sort of ends there.”

Actresses Olivia Taylor Dudley and Stella Maeve also chimed in, agreeing that The Magicians is definitely much darker than Potter..

“It’s more adult content, but magic is still an element that exists in both,” said Maeve.


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Dudley also made the point that those who tune into The Magicians will quickly come to the realization that the series is a bit more connected to the real world, whereas Potter existed in a more fantastical realm.

“I think the storylines are a little bit more relatable on our show,” explained Dudley. “It’s a little bit more grounded in human realness than I think Harry Potter was but you know, there’s still magic.”

Based on the best-selling series by author Lev Grossman, The Magicians returns for season 2 in January 2017.

(With additional reporting by Josh Sorokach)

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