Peyton List Says Her ‘Frequency’ Character Is An ‘Over-Achiever’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Peyton List returns to television this fall as the star of the new CW series Frequency. Inspired by the 2000 film of the same name, the CW’s latest sci-fi endeavor centers on Raimy Sullivan (List), a detective who discovers that she’s able to communicate through a ham radio with her father, Frank Sullivan, a detective who died in 1996. The two forge a new connection by working together to help solve an unresolved murder case.

The former Tomorrow People star provided People’s Choice with a bit of insight into the mind of her character when we caught up with her earlier this year at the CW Upfronts.

“My character is a police detective, and she’s someone who’s pretty serious,” List told People’s Choice. “She grew up always over-achieving and trying to clean this stain that had been left by her father, who had basically died being a bad guy and being a criminal. And in becoming a police officer, she’s always trying to prove she can be better than him, and she can sort of redeem the family name, or prove that it didn’t carry on to her.”

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Once List's character begins communicating with her father back in 1996, the two discover that altering the past can have monumental effects on the future.

"She's starting to ask questions like, 'Was he a bad guy? Was everything she told real?,"' List continued. "It's dictated her life since she was eight-years-old and all of a sudden, if it is true, how does that change her life going forward?"

If you're intrigued by the plot of The CW's latest thriller, you can watch Frequency's first look trailer right here.

Frequency will premiere this fall on The CW.

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