Here’s What Sierra From ‘Camp Rock’ Is Up To Today

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Camp Rock’s Mitchie (Demi Lovato) may have made some cool new friends over the summer, but there’s one loyal bud who’s been there for her over the years through thick and thin. We’re talking of course about Mitchie’s friend from back home, Sierra.

Sierra may not spend her summer alongside Mitchie at Camp Rock, but she definitely makes an impression when we first meet her toward the beginning of the movie. Aside from her penchant for acing language courses (remember, she scored an A in AP Mandarin!), it’s clear Sierra is super supportive of Mitchie fulfilling her dream of attending Camp Rock.

Since it’s been almost a decade since Camp Rock first premiered on the Disney Channel back in 2008, we did some digging to find out out what the scene-stealing Bailey Stocker, who played Sierra, is up to today. It turns out, she’s still acting!

Stocker has taken on a few roles since playing Mitchie’s studious bestie, the most notable of which was lending her voice to the Japanese anime series, Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Stocker voiced a variety of characters on the series, including Billy and Jewis. The series, which debuted in 2008, followed the adventures of a boy whose goal was to be the top ranked player in an inter-dimensional game. Most recently, Stocker starred in the 2014 baseball drama, Duel at the Mound.

While Stocker continues to act, she also manages to keep up with her studies. She graduated from Trent University in 2015 where she studied Spanish, and now she is in chef training (perhaps she got the idea from Mitchie’s chef mother!) at George Brown College in Toronto.

Well, Sierra may not have had a chance to go to camp, but it certainly looks like she did well for herself!

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