Adele Reveals Some Big News In The Most Adele Way Possible

(Photo by Stefan Hoederath/Getty Images for September Management)
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Adele just revealed she’s planning an Australian tour in the most Adele way possible!

The English singer-songwriter kicked off the North American leg of her Adele Live 2016 tour last night in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where she learned that a woman had flown all the way from Australia to watch her perform. After popping off stage to say “Hello” to the fan, the singer let slip that she’s planning an Australian tour.

“I’m planning an Australian tour now,” Adele told the woman. “Why don’t we get your info and when the Sydney show happens you can come, on us. Well, if the tour happens. I always announce things when I’m not supposed to!”

Who needs a press release to announce a new tour when you can just tell your fans directly, right?

The multiple time Grammy-winner went on to explain that her son will be starting school around the same time and that she would like to be back home in London for that.

“Can you imagine me dropping my kid off at school? Crying?” she continued. “I’ll probably retire from music.”

As you can imagine, this joke did not go over well with the emphatically pro-Adele crowd, who began booing at the thought of an early Adele retirement.

“I’m telling a joke!” the singer continued. “And the punchline is: Can you imagine me quitting music to become a music teacher at his school?”

A world-renowned, universally-beloved Grammy Award-winner calling it quits to become an elementary school music teacher? Sounds like the makings of a perfect CW sitcom to us!

(H/T Entertainment Weekly)

The North American leg of Adele’s Live 2016 tour continues tonight with a second show in Saint Paul, Minnesota before heading to Chicago for shows on July 10, 11, and 13.

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