This ‘High School Musical’ Video Will Change The Way You See Troy And Gabriella

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Get ready to hear the cast of High School Musical like you’ve never heard them before!

The jesters at Bad Lip Reading teamed with Disney X D to produce outrageous new dialogue for the Wildcats of High School Musical, and the result is pretty incredible.

The preview below centers on a scene featuring Zac “Chorky” Efron and Vanessa “Lumpkinella” Hudgens performing “Start of Something New.” Well, that is the Bad Lip Reading version of “Start of Something New,” which revolves around the classic nursery rhyme “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” conversations about cameras, and, of course, bugs.

“Hey, I love good nursery rhymes, and I just happen to be here? Oooookay.”

From there, the gang from Bad Lip Reading, who have famously lampooned sports stars, political figures, and celebrities on their YouTube page, take the party outside where Efron and Hudgens chat about botany and other odd topics.

Chorky: “For all I know you could be a horrible, evil psycho.
Lumpkinella: You’re so rude.
Chorky: Well, you know I have a fireman friend.”

You’ll never look at Troy and Gabriella the same way again after watching this hilarious video from the team at Bad Lip Reading!


“The spotlight randomly falls on this dude, and also on this girl who reads with her fingers in the middle of a party!”  

The full episode of Bad Lip Reading and Disney X D Present: High School Musical airs Monday, July 11 on Disney XD.

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