DNCE And Charlie Puth Prove They’re Each Other’s Biggest Fans

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Charlie Puth and DNCE are both known for their lighthearted, dance-inducing jams. But yesterday afternoon, the two acts did a mini crossover that had fans going crazy.

It all started out innocently enough on Twitter. DNCE had been promoting their newest single “Toothbrush” off their debut EP Swaay. Charlie Puth, an obvious fan the new track, put his own little play on words to the track.

“You can leave your Puthbrush a my place,” Charlie tweeted, tagging the foursome in the tweet. As soon as DNCE saw Puth’s mini remix, they were quick with a comeback. DNCE made a play on one of Puth’s song, “One Call Away.”

“We’re just one cake away,” the group’s account tweeted back.

Though the social interaction seemed to come out of nowhere, it’s not as random as you might think. The two acts have had run-ins at many an award show in the past, most notably at the 2016 Kid’s Choice Awards, and are scheduled to perform together later this month on July 29 at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. Which song is your favorite out of the two new jams?

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