Nick Jonas Says Demi Lovato’s Pokemon Go Obsession Is Getting ‘Out Of Hand’

(Photo by Lou Rocco/ABC via Getty Images)
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Pokemon Go fever is sweeping the nation — even celebs aren’t exempt from the mania!

On Tuesday (July 12), “Close” singer Nick Jonas took to Twitter to call out out his pal Demi Lovato for her passionate pursuit of Pokemon.

The friends are currently in the midst of their joint Future Now Tour and like the rest of the country, it seems as though Demi is spending her free time trying to catch ’em all.

“Demi just seriously said out loud… ‘There’s no…Pokemon here?!'” #thisisoutofhand @ddlovato,” tweeted Jonas.

Lovato didn’t respond to Jonas’ hilarious tweet, but she did retweet it from her own Twitter account. Clearly she has no qualms about letting her fans in on her latest obsession!

We can’t blame the “Confident” singer for getting caught up in the craze! Created by Niantic, Pokemon Go launched in select countries on July 6 and allows players to ‘catch’ Pokemon in the real world.

The app uses GPS to allow users to explore their own neighborhoods or places they’re visiting to search for Pokemon that may be hiding out in the wild. When one appears, the app uses the camera feature on your phone to make it seem as though the Pokemon has appeared right in front of you. The game is seriously addicting, and it’s no wonder that celebs like Lovato and many more have gotten sucked into the app!

Have you had a chance to try out Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments below!

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