Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reacts To Being Declared The World’s Highest-Paid Actor

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Dwayne Johnson has officially gone from delivering People’s Elbows on his WWE opponents to laying the smack down on Hollywood and beyond.

Yesterday (July 13), Forbes declared the wrestler-turned-thespian turned global phenomenon is the world’s highest-paid actor of 2016.

Earning $64.5 million during the June-to-June scoring period thanks to box office bonanzas like Fast 7 and San Andreas, Johnson has become as close to a sure thing as there is in Hollywood when it comes to attracting an audience. The social media savvy star took to Instagram to not only express his gratitude, but to share the incredible story about how he went from being evicted from his home as a teenager to the king of the box office.

“Receiving news like this will always serve as my anchoring reminder to continue to work even harder,” Johnson said in a lengthy Instagram post. “We not only want to ’embrace the grind’, but take the grind to new levels.”

The actor went on to remind people that “greatness is never achieved alone” and that to succeed, one should “surround yourself with hungry, brilliant individuals who not only buy into your philosophy, but who are all willing to work just as hard as you. Power of teamwork.”

Continued Johnson: “And don’t ever forget where you came from. I was evicted at 14yrs old and completely broke by 23. Every day I wake up as if that eviction notice is right around the corner waiting for me… which is why I always say, ‘the wolf is always scratchin’ at the door. He’s scratchin’ cause he’s hungry and never satisfied.”

Johnson was the 19th highest-paid celebrity of 2016, finishing behind stars like Taylor Swift (number 1, $170 million) and One Direction (number 2, $110 million), as well as his Central Intelligence co-star Kevin Hart, who captured the sixth spot on the list after earning $87.5 million from his immensely successful stand-up career.

Check out Forbes’ full list of the world’s highest-paid celebs in 2016.

The second season of Dwayne Johnson’s HBO series, Ballers, premieres Sunday night on HBO.

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