Kristen Stewart Says ‘Maybe Not’ To ‘Twilight’ Reboot Role

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
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Since the Twilight saga ended four years ago, the franchise’s star Kristen Stewart has made a conscious effort to move away from big blockbusters. With her days as Bella Swan in the books, at 26, Stewart has decided to star in indie flicks and passion projects, including Woody Allen’s upcoming Cafe Society, a satirical romantic romp straight out of 1930s Tinseltown.

But while talking with Yahoo Movies about Woody Allen, Cannes Film Fest and quirky roles, the topic of Twilight inevitably crept its way into the conversation.

“I would love to be inspired by a big budget movie enough to sign on to it,” said Stewart when Yahoo Movies‘s Ethan Alter asked if she would do another blockbuster franchise. “I’m waiting! My approach is to invest time in things that are really unrelated to the size of it. It’s what’s inside of it [that counts]. The Twilight thing started off small and then got bigger, but [what was inside it] was always the same.”

And then the million dollar question Stewart has heard many times since 2012, would she participate in a Twilight reboot if given the chance?

“To be honest, we kind of told that story. We made five of them, so maybe not!” said Stewart.

So for now, the answer is “maybe not,” but we’ll take that over “never” any day!

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