Here’s What Max From ‘Kazaam’ Looks Like Today

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If there’s one movie from the ’90s we’ll never forget, it’s the action-packed, magical adventure, Kazaam.

The family comedy follows the adventures of Max, a young boy who stumbles upon a magical boombox while running away from bullies. It’s then that Max accidentally sets the genie (Shaquille O’Neal), who happens to dwell in the boombox, free and finds himself in possession of three wishes. Between crazy wishes, like having junk food rain from the sky, and Kazaam’s silly antics, it’s not hard to see why Kazaam was so beloved!

It’s been two decades since Kazaam hit the big screen and if you’re anything like us you might be wondering what ever happened to the actor who played Max, Francis Capra. As it turns out, Capra — who’s all grown up now —  is still very much acting.

Marshmallows far and wide will undoubtedly recognize Capra for one of his other iconic roles— the actor also played Eli ‘Weevil’ Navarro in Veronica Mars and the show’s 2014 spinoff, Play It Again, Dick.

In fact, since wrapping on Kazaam, Capra has worked on a slew of television shows. The actor has guest starred on series such as Walker, Texas Ranger, The OC, Criminal Minds, Friday Night Lights and NCIS: Los Angeles. Additionally, Capra has had recurring roles on The Strain, Heroes, and American Dreams.

Though Capra hasn’t appeared in many shows since 2014, he’s still fairly active on Twitter for those who want to keep up with him!

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