Grant Gustin Opens Up About Not Playing The Flash On The Big Screen

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Grant Gustin might be one of the most gracious guys in Hollywood (say that three times fast!)

The 26-year-old actor has come to be known as speedster Barry Allen/Flash on The CW’s The Flash since 2014. He even appeared on Supergirl as his super self this year during the crossover episode, “Worlds Finest.” But when it comes to bringing The Flash to the big screen, Warner Bros. preferred another actor to Grant. Ezra Miller, who played The Flash in Batman V. Superman earlier this year, will be reprising the role in the upcoming Justice League and a standalone film about Barry Allen expected in 2018.

Warner Bros. decision to keep the DC movie and TV universes separate left some fans scratching their heads, but Gustin put his two cents in by explaining to his Twitter fans how different the character will be on the big screen and that he’s happy that Ezra is getting a chance at the role.

“You’re about to have 2 different takes on Barry Allen, played by 2 different actors that I think are equally thrilled to have the chance,” wrote Gustin.

After another fan assumed that Gustin’s contract was the reason he wasn’t able to play The Flash on the big screen, the actor clarified that that wasn’t the case.

“Nah, they just weren’t interested. Ezra is great,” he wrote.

The CW’s The Flash has been picked up for a third season and in the meantime, Gustin will star in William H. Macy’s upcoming film Krystal. So, even though it’s not as a superhero, Grant will be on the big screen in the coming year after all.

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