6 ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Characters We Need To See Again Before The Series Ends

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The Vampire Diaries is heading into its eighth and final season on The CW, and after spending seven years watching supernatural mysteries unfold in Mystic Falls and beyond, fans far and wide are coming to grips with the fact that we’ll soon have to say goodbye to Damon, Stefan, and all of our other favorite characters.

Through Elena Gilbert’s journey with the Salvatore brothers, we’ve managed to get introduced to some seriously memorable characters that have come and gone over the years. One of the best aspects of the series is that there’s always potential for a character to return — even if they had long before been killed off.

With The Vampire Diaries set to wrap things up, we’re wondering if showrunner Julie Plec has any more surprises up her sleeve with regards to bringing back some familiar faces we haven’t seen in a while.

We already know that Plec has expressed interest in having Nina Dobrev return to wrap her storyline as Elena, but there are so many more characters we’d love to see around Mystic Falls just one more time.

Here are just a few of the individuals we’d like to see again for closure before the series says goodbye:

Katherine Pierce

Whether you loved her or hated her, there’s no denying Elena’s doppleganger always had a knack for keeping things interesting. But despite the fact that she was consistently trying to throw a wrench in everyone’s plans, we’re not so sure she deserved the fate she got when she was dragged into the darkness. We still can’t forget how scared she looked when she was being pulled through in season five. And even if you believe she might not deserve it, it would be interesting to see what Katherine would do if given the opportunity to redeem herself in the hopes of being able to pass over to the other side.

Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney)

It seems everyone wants to see Mason Lockwood back in Mystic Falls — including showrunner Julie Plec! On the way to Comic-Con this weekend, Plec tweeted that she was driving to the event with series creator Kevin Williamson so that they could “pitch on ways to bring Uncle Mason back to #TVD.” We’re fully in support of that idea — especially because Taylor Kinney himself told us that he’d be open to reprising the character to settle a score with Damon, who, if you’ll remember, ripped Uncle Mason’s heart out in season 3.

Jeremy Gilbert

Elena’s kid brother did a lot of growing up throughout the show, and if Elena returns to give everyone a proper goodbye, we feel as though it’s only fitting to figure out a way to squeeze in a Gilbert Family reunion.

Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus is busy pulling daddy duty in the Big Easy and Caroline is fully committed to Stefan, and yet we still can’t help but feel like there’s still some unfinished business between the two. Here’s hoping the Original troublemaker returns to Mystic Falls to bid farewell to vampire barbie — or better yet, invite her to join him in New Orleans.


Tyler Lockwood

Unlike some of the chapters on our list, everyone’s favorite werewolf hasn’t passed over to the other side. In fact, Tyler is alive and realistically, probably only a phone call away. Perhaps it’s time to call him up and get him involved in trying to beat one final big bad together.

Lexi Branson

Stefan’s best friend made quite the impression whenever we saw her come around, so naturally, we were all a bit sad when she saved Stefan from going into oblivion and sacrificed herself instead. Though she died saving her friend, we’d love to see her come back one more time to share some parting words of wisdom with Stefan — and maybe even give her seal of approval to his relationship with Caroline.

Which character would you love to see return before The Vampire Diaries says goodbye for good?

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