‘Gilmore Girls’ Alum Chad Michael Murray Would Join The Show’s Netflix Revival On One Condition (Interview)

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Before he played the sweet, basketball-playing Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray had a recurring role on another little WB show you might’ve heard of, Gilmore Girls.

For quite a few episodes in seasons 1 and 2 of the series, Murray played bad boy Tristan Dugray, a character you couldn’t help but swoon and root for when he was on screen. Though he was only in 11 episodes, it was long enough for him to go on a date with Paris (Liza Weil), kiss Rory (Alexis Bledel), and get in a fight with Dean (Jared Padalecki). Tristan rounded out his debauchery-filled story arc by getting sent off to military school after breaking into his dad’s safe. That was almost 15 years ago, which begs the question: What has become of the smooth-talking Tristan Dugray?

Almost all of our favorite Stars Hollow residents are set to return when the Gilmore Girls revival episodes hit Netflix this November, but Murray’s Tristan is not on the list — and that is a near tragedy. When People’s Choice sat down with the actor at the One Tree Hill reunion convention over the weekend, we asked if he’d want to reprise his role in the Gilmore Girls revival.

While he “didn’t really give it much thought” before we asked because he’s been busy filming his new CMT series Million Dollar Quarter, Murray said that if Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino asked him to return to the series he would “absolutely” do it. On one condition.

“It would have to be something really cool,” Murray said. “I always want to do something that’s going to challenge me. I want a challenge, something fun, a little obscure. If they had something new and fun, absolutely.”

So, all that needs to happen is for Sherman-Palladino to write a fun scene with a now 15-years-older Tristan and we might just get to see this again…

While we all wait for that to happen, Chad Michael Murray can currently be seen in his new movie Outlaws and Angels out now!

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