Watch Matt Damon Summarize The Entire ‘Bourne’ Franchise In 90 Seconds

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Not caught up on the Bourne franchise but still want to see Jason Bourne this weekend? Matt Damon has got you covered!

Damon, who has starred in four of the five Jason Bourne films, has helpfully narrated a featurette that explains the entire Bourne franchise in 90 seconds. How exactly does Damon whittle down four movies to a tidy minute and a half? The actor’s fast-talking summary is augmented with classic scenes from Bourne’s adventures of yore. So while Damon’s synopsis is light and conversational in tone, it certainly helps that his running dialogue is paired with a nonstop barrage of action scenes.

Come on, it wouldn’t be a proper Bourne montage without a torrent fights and explosions.


“The bad guys at this secret government project called Treadstone know I’m alive now, so I pay a German girl named Marie 20 grand to drive me to Paris where I beat up an assassin with a pen,” Damon explains at a manic pace. “Then he jumps out of the window. That’s on him. You all saw it.”

If this condensed summary has inspired you to catch up on the franchise before the premiere of the fifth installment, the first film, 2002’s The Bourne Identity, is available to rent on Amazon for $3.99.

Also starring Julia Stiles, Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones, Vincent Cassel, and Riz Ahmed, Jason Bourne arrives in theaters on July 29, 2016.

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