‘iCarly’ Star Nathan Kress Confirms Wild Fan Theory About The Show

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This iCarly fan’s theory about Freddie is so out of this world, even actor Nathan Kress had no choice but to validate it!

The theory in question, which was originally proposed by Twitter user @lilgrlhj, proposes the idea that perhaps Freddie’s dad wasn’t human. In fact, the theory suggests that Carly’s pal’s dad is actually Barry B. Benson from Bee Movie.

Using a few visuals as evidence, @lilgrlhj sugested that Freddie’s mother actually made an appearance in Bee Movie and hit it off with Barry.

“Ever wondered [why you] never saw Freddie’s dad?” questioned @lilgrlhj at one point during a series of tweets laying out the theory. “This is why Mrs. Benson worries over Freddie so much. She was reckless in the past and accidentally killed her husband Barry.”

The theory might be a little hard to swallow, but apparently actor Nathan Kress has given it his stamp of approval.

“Someone finally figured it out,” tweeted the actor after the theory was brought to his attention. “Theory confirmed!”

We’re not quite sure we’re 100 percent on board with this one, but if anything, it definitely gave us a good chuckle!


(H/T: MTV)

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