Here’s Why Ian Somerhalder ‘Feels Good’ About ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Ending After Season 8

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Ian Somerhalder is just as sad as you are about The Vampire Diaries ending after season 8.

The star, who plays Damon Salvatore on The CW series, recently hit the Wizard World convention in Columbus, Ohio, where he opened up about the drama coming to a close next season.  Instagram user purefandom captured Somerhalder’s comments about wrapping up the series.

“It feels good to be able to end this kind of on our terms,” said Somerhalder, who explained that it’s better to end the show on a high note rather than “fizzling out” or “losing engagement” with fans. “It’s a good way to go. It’s a great sign off.”



While The CW first revealed The Vampire Diaries’ finale news during the show’s Comic-Con panel last month, Somerhalder had already been planning to exit the series.

The actor announced his plans to depart the drama at a convention back in April, saying, “we have decided to do one last season to really do the story justice.” The announcement set of months of speculation about whether or not the show would continue without its original castmembers, particularly since costar Kat Graham had also said she was leaving after one more season. Star Nina Dobrev left the show in 2015 (based on recent comments from creator Julie Plec, fans have reason to be hopeful they’ll see her again in the series finale).

At the Wizard World convention this past weekend, Somerhalder said the farewell is “bittersweet.”

“Just from an inside perspective, just so you guys know, it is really bittersweet, and really beautiful for us to be a television show for this long. Doesn’t happen often,” said Somerhalder. “I don’t know very many people like [us] on television shows— this is definitely my longest relationship.”

The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW in the fall.

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