Everyone Wants Anna Kendrick To Play Squirrel Girl

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Anna Kendrick may be busy bringing the lovable troll dolls from your childhood to life, but that doesn’t mean she’s ruling out playing another iconic character.

The star of the upcoming Trolls movie made waves earlier this summer when she said she “could be half squirrel,” if studios ever decided they wanted to figure out how to insert Squirrel Girl into the superhero narrative. It turns out, however, that as funny as Kendrick’s comment was, she would actually consider bringing the superhero to life, and many including Kendrick’s former Scott Pilgrim vs. The World director Edgar Wright, want to see her do it.

In fact, Wright took to Twitter earlier this week to share his support of the idea.

“In Scott Pilgrim: Superman, Cap America, Human Torch, Punisher, Cap Marvel, Lego Robin & The Atom. Get Anna Kendrick a Squirrel Girl film,” wrote Wright. “In the movie you have to fight all those other characters. Deal?”

It wasn’t long before Kendrick replied to Wright’s tweets with one of her own.

“So I have to fight (defeat) seven previous characters… Any movie suggestions for inspo??” asked Kendrick.

“The one where George Michael & Max Fischer have a fight. I forget the name,” wrote back Wright.

The list of superheroes Wright came up with for Kendrick to defeat sounds daunting, but the actress’ response back makes it sound as though she’d be up for the task! Now all that’s left is for someone to green light the project and actually give her a shot at bringing Squirrel Girl to life!

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