FX Boss Reveals Some ‘American Horror Story’ Teasers Are Actually ‘Misdirects’

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American Horror Story may have freaked fans out with an eerie poster showcasing spiders crawling out of someone’s eyelids, but now, FX CEO John Landgraf is hinting that perhaps we shouldn’t be studying that poster too closely.

During a press conference at this year’s Television Critics Association, Landgraf informed those in attendance that there aren’t any clues regarding the upcoming season of AHS hidden in the creepy image.

It’s also not an accident that details surrounding the forthcoming season of AHS have been scarce. According to EW, Landgraf told press that FX and showrunner Ryan Murphy have been purposefully been shrouding this year’s storyline in secrecy to make the grand reveal more fun.

“Every year we’ve basically laid out themes, the new genre that Ryan’s going to be approaching, and we just thought [this] year it’d be really fun to keep it a mystery,” said the CEO. “So, we are. The scripts come in, and they’ve got my name emblazoned across them and there’s only one script that comes into the company. Everything’s blacked out that might give away the [settling]”

The poster isn’t the only piece of promo material meant to throw off fans. Landgraf also revealed that Murphy teamed up with FX head of marketing, Stephanie Gibbons, to create a series of teaser trailers, some of which have to do with the upcoming season. The others, however, have nothing to do with what’s coming next.

“They went out and made many more trailers than you’ve actually seen for hypothetical seasons of American Horror Story,” explained Landgraf. “Different genres, different places. I think they’re really fun and funny and beautifully, artfully made…and a lot of them are accurate. The others are all misdirects.”

We’re shocked to discover so much has gone into keeping American Horror Story’s secrets under wraps, but it’s definitely got us more excited to tune in this season!

American Horror Story returns to FX on Sept. 14 at 10 p.m.

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