A ‘Rogue One’ Trailer Preview, ‘Zoo’ Gets Renewed For Season 3, And More

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There’s so much news today, Friday should be canceled completely. Another Rogue One trailer is about to hit the airwaves, Jason Momoa has his eyes set on a passion project, and Zoo was renewed for a third season. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. See the first tease of the Rogue One trailer set to air during the Olympics. The one commercial during NBC’s Olympics coverage that you’ll actually want to watch 84 times in oen night. [Deadline]

2. The first picture of Ezra Miller’s Fantastic Beasts character was revealed. He looks like a chummy lad. [Entertainment Weekly]

3. Jason Momoa might be the next person to try to remake The Crow. The original movie’s legacy continues. [Vulture]

4. See the first look at The Hound in Transformers: The Last Knight. Robots in all different shapes and sizes! [ComicBook.com]

5. Zoo was renewed for a third season. Where’s the sloth?! [TV Line]

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