‘Big Time Rush’ Star Stephen Glickman Says The Whole Cast Is ‘Down For A Reunion’

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Could a Big Time Rush reunion be in the works? According to actor Stephen Glickman, it’s not out of the question!

Ever since Big Time Rush came to a close in 2013, we’ve been itching to see cast of the series get back together. There was just something so lovable about following the adventures of four hockey players who suddenly find themselves selected to form a boyband.

As it turns out, the BTR reunion we so desperately want may actually be a possibility!

Stephen Glickman, who played the band’s hot-headed manager, recently sat down for a Reddit AMA where he revealed that the cast of the hit musical series is totally game for a reunion.

“I think our whole cast is down for a reunion,” revealed Glickman. “It’s the network that needs to make that happen.”

If the fate of a reunion lies in the hands of Nickelodeon, we’re definitely hoping the network is able to pull it off at some point down the line! But until they do, fans of the series should rest easy knowing that it looks as though the cast still stays in touch.

During his Q&A, Glickman revealed that the cast member he sees most regularly is Kendall Schmidt, who played BTR leader Kendall Knight.

“I see him a lot,” wrote Glickman. “We just shot a YouTube video for Pilot Pens together. It was hilarious.”

The actor wrapped things up by sharing his favorite Gustavo moment from the series.

“Slamming James Maslow’s face into oatmeal in ‘Big Time Terror,’” revealed Glickman. “That episode still makes me laugh.”

After taking this trip down memory lane with Stephen Glickman, we think it might be time for a Big Time Rush marathon!

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