‘Community’ Season 6 Heads To Hulu, A ‘Once Upon A Time’ Deleted Scene, And More

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It’s close to halfway through the week, so get clued in on why Comedy Central canceled The Nightly Show, why Rainn Wilson and Patricia Arquette are teaming up, and why the latest AHS teaser is the weirdest yet. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. You will be able to watch Community Season 6 on Hulu soon. Say goodbye to your last reason for Yahoo! streaming services. [AV Club]

2. See a deleted scene from Once Upon A Time Season 5. A taste of Storybrooke before Season 6 arrives. [Entertainment Weekly]

3. Rainn Wilson and Patricia Arquette are starring in a comedy together. An interesting way for two former NBC stars to unite. [Vulture]

4. FX has released the creepiest American Horror Story Season 6 teaser so far. The teasers may end up being weirder than the season! [E! Online]

5. Comedy Central has canceled The Nightly Show. Thursday will be the last night on air. [TV Line]

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