‘Chasing Life’ Star Italia Ricci Had An ‘O.C.’ Fan Freakout After Meeting Ben McKenzie

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When it comes to teen dramas, there’s no denying that The O.C. had something special— that’s probably why we’re still talking about Seth (Adam Brody), Summer (Rachel Bilson), Ryan (Ben McKenzie), and Marissa (Mischa Barton) over a decade later! Now, it’s clear that nobody understands our ongoing obsession with the 2000’s hit drama more than Chasing Life star Italia Ricci!

The actress recently attended Boston Comic-Con over the weekend and was basically all of us when she spotted O.C. alumand current Gotham star, Ben McKenzie from afar. Needless to say, she did what any respectable fan would do and started freaking out.


“I spy @ben_mckenzie at Boston ComicCon and I’m fangirling because RYAN ATWOOD. Someone help me,” tweeted Ricci to her fans.

Lucky for Ricci, the stars aligned and she was able to meet McKenzie shortly after her first tweet.

“And I’ve met Ryan Atwood. I’m out. Remember me fondly,” joked the actress via Twitter.

Later, Ricci took to her Instagram to share a picture of her meeting McKenzie aptly captioned, “Holy crap.”

Holy crap.

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We can honestly say we would have done the same in Italia Ricci’s situation!

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