A ‘Parenthood’ Revival Could Happen

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Could another one of Lauren Graham’s beloved series be getting the revival treatment? It sounds as though it’s not out of the question!

In a new interview with TV Line at this year’s TCAs, Parenthood creator Jason Katims hinted that a series revival isn’t entirely out of the question.

“There’s nothing happening right now, but when the time is right, I would love to revisit it,” the showrunner told TV Line.

So when will Katims be ready to come back to the beloved drama? According to the showrunner,  he’ll know when it’s time to pop back in for a visit with the Braverman family when there’s more story to tell. Katims even said that he could see something like a Gilmore Girls-type revival happening with the series after a few years have passed.

“The whole thing about Parenthood is the kids get a little older and their lives change and then there’s more story to tell,” explained Katims. “I feel like that will happen at some point.”

Once that does happen, Katims says it’ll simply be a matter of finding a network willing to pick the series back up and more importantly, seeing if they can get the cast back together.

The original series, which ran from 2010 to 2015 starred Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Monica Potter, Peter Krause, Erika Christensen, Sam Jaeger, and Mae Whitman. Sadly, the emotional finale brought with it the death of Braverman patriarch, Zeek, so we’re not sure if actor Craig T. Nelson could be written back into any revival Katims does or doesn’t end up cooking up.

Even so, if the stars align somewhere down the line, we’re definitely hoping the rest of the cast is game to come back!

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