A Deleted ‘Castle’ Scene, ‘Black Mirror’ Season 3 Teasers, And More

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It’s finally Friday, but before you run off to a beach check out a new Castle deleted scene, a rare Adele announcement, and Taylor Kitsch’s new gig. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. See a deleted scene from dearly departed Castle‘s last season. If enough deleted scenes are pieced together, there could be another season! [TV Line]

2. The first pictures from the next season of Black Mirror were released. Totally 80’s, man. [Gizmodo]

3. Adele canceled a concert in Phoenix. But she’s really sorry. Really, really sorry. And she said it in a British accent so it’s sincere. [Huffington Post]

4. Taylor Kitsch joined the cast of American Assassins. Clear eyes, full hearts, must kill. [Entertainment Weekly]

5. See the two latest and creepy AHS teasers. They’re getting scarier before they are getting more informative. [E! Online]

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