‘Big Time Rush’ Star Stephen Kramer Glickman Says The Cast Wants To Reunite (Interview)

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You’re not the only one who thinks about Big Time Rush “24/Seven.”

The Nickelodeon series about best friends who form a boy band ran for four years, with an hour-long movie to cap things off in 2013. Though it’s been three years since Big Time Rush wrapped up, fans aren’t any less passionate about the music-filled show, even going as far as to trend #StanBigTimeRush worldwide last night (August 23).

People’s Choice spoke on the phone with star Stephen Kramer Glickman, who played Gustavo Rocque, last week to find out if there’s any chance of a reunion movie and what he thinks the characters are up to now.

“I would love to be able to do a reunion and bring everyone back together for the fans,” Glickman said. “I think that would be great.”

Apparently, he’s not the only one that would love to bring the series back. Glickman still talks to his “dogs [Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, Carlos PenaVega, and James Maslow] on a regular basis” and keeps up with Ciara Bravo, who played Katie, and Tanya Chisholm, who portrayed Kelly, and it seems like everyone is on board.

“I’ve spoken to, like, everyone in the cast and everyone in the cast wants to do a reunion,” Glickman said. “Everybody’s down to do it. I think it’s a matter of the network being down to do it.”

Hear that, Rushers? It’s time to start campaigning for a Big Time Rush reunion movie to happen. If you need some extra motivation, which we’re sure you don’t, Glickman also shared his hilarious idea for a BTR flick.

“It’s some amount of time later and everybody hasn’t seen each other and they’ve all separated and gone off on their own,” the former Nickelodeon star said. “Maybe Carlos is running some big oil company and Logan is a scientist for a university and Kendall is maybe the one that wants to start the band back, and James is like some super high-up executive somewhere and I’m living on a boat somewhere in the ocean. Something ridiculous. And then the movie being about him trying to bring everybody back together and put the band back together. Do a ‘band back together’ movie. I think it would be so funny and such an adventure. I would love it to go down that way.”

We can already picture all the trouble the dogs will get into along the way (and how red Gustavo’s face will be from yelling at them)!

While you wait for this fabulous Big Time Rush dream to come true, you can catch Stephen Kramer Glickman as the voice of Pigeon Toady in Storks out in theaters September 23!

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