Julie Benz Would ‘Love’ To Reprise Darla For A ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Reboot (VIDEO INTERVIEW)

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Count actress Julie Benz in as one of the many fans who would love to see a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot!

Benz, who memorably portrayed the vampire Darla on both Buffy and Angel, is set to star in the new CBS series Training Day, but it appears as though her heart still remains in Sunnydale. During the CBS Television Critics Association Party earlier this month, People’s Choice caught up with Benz who not only expressed an interest in reprising her role as the vampire Darla but also shared a very practical reason why a Buffy reboot should happen sooner rather than later.


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"I would love that, but they better do it soon because I age and vampires don't age," Benz said. "If they do do a reboot, they'll have to recast Darla if they wait too long."

The on-screen chemistry of the cast evidently translated into enduring off-screen friendships. When we asked Benz which costars she keeps in touch with, the actress revealed that two of her former Buffy castmates appeared in her wedding.

"Charisma Carpenter [Cordelia] and Clare Kramer [Glory] were both in my wedding," Benz said. "I see David [Boreanaz] off and on. We grew up together, so we're all close."

(With additional reporting by Jennifer Pirone)

Starring Justin Cornwell and Bill Paxton, Training Day is scheduled to premiere midseason on CBS.

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