Lucy Fry Says ‘Vampire Academy’ Sequel Isn’t Likely (VIDEO INTERVIEW)

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If you were hoping for a sequel to 2014’s Vampire Academy, actress Lucy Fry says you shouldn’t hold your breath.

The film, which followed the lives of a vampire princess named Lissa (Fry) and her human/vampire hybrid protector named Rose (Zoey Deutch) as they attended St. Vladamir’s Academy, has built up quite the fan following since it’s release. Even so, when we caught up with Fry, the actress revealed that all the fan love isn’t not quite enough to garner a sequel.

“At this stage, it’s not looking good. We were really hopeful that there would be a sequel when it first came out but then it didn’t get that initial response,” Fry told People’s Choice. “It seems like a lot of the following and the positive response has come later, and come from iTunes, and DVD, and all that stuff.”

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Fry also said that perhaps things would have been different if the film had amassed that wave of support earlier on. Unfortunately, Vampire Academy only grossed $15.4 million in worldwide box office sales. Given that the film took about $30 million to make, it’s understandable that studios would consider it a flop.

We’re sad to hear that we probably won’t be getting a Vampire Academy 2, but at least we’ll always have the original to watch over and over again! And of course, we’ll always have author Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy book series to sink our teeth into if we want more of Rose and Lissa!

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