Jason Statham Says He’s Still Interested In Playing James Bond

(Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images)
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His name is Statham. Jason Statham. And he is interested in taking on the iconic role of James Bond.

Over the years, the English actor has made a name for himself by portraying a tough as nails characters in franchises like The Expendables, Transporter, and Fast & Furious, but one role that could certify his action hero status is 007. While Statham previously expressed interest in the role during a 2015 interview with the Guardian, the topic once again popped up during a recent conversation with Yahoo Movies Senior Editor Kevin Polowy.

Statham, who’s currently promoting his upcoming film Mechanic: Resurrection, said that if he was ever offered the high-profile role the answer would be an easy one.

“I like the James Bond franchise for all the right reasons,” Statham told Yahoo Movies. “I mean, I work in the action movie sort of genre. You know, the things [Bond] gets to do is something that’s very appealing to me. So, if it ever came my way, it would be an easy answer for me. But, you know, it’s not something I’m pursuing. And I’m certainly not going begging or anything like that.”

The Spy star would have to vanquish a number of formidable actors to nab the coveted role. A who’s who of leading men have been rumored to be candidates to capture the part including Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, and Fantastic Four star Jamie Bell.

You can catch Jason Statham in his new movie Mechanic: Resurrection, which opens on Friday.

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