A Sneak Peek At ‘Beauty And The Beast,’ The ‘Younger’ Season 3 Trailer, And More

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It’s a Friday before a long weekend, so stuff in all the news you can with one show canceled, another show gifted with a fresh trailer, and a sneak peack of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast remake. That and more in today’s headlines.

1. See a short feature about the live action Beauty and the Beast. We’re very ready to be their guest. [Entertainment Weekly]

2. JK Rowling and Amy Schumer had an adorable conversation on Twitter. Important discussions about Gryffindor hats, of course. [Huffington Post]

3. Hope aboard the Hogwarts Express with new Pottermore reading. If we can’t actually ride the Express, we definitely want to read about it. [Pottermore]

4. Lifetime canceled Devious Maids. Devious no more. [Deadline]

5. Watch the Younger Season 3 trailer. Boy drama and secrets, never gets less entertaining. [Vulture]

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